by Pocket Billiards

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Pocket Billiards first ever EP, recorded back in 2002 @ Einstein Studios


released September 6, 2002

Savage - Guitar/Vocals
Chuck - Guitar/Vocals
Forrestal - Bass
Tim Rooney - Drums
Matt O'Kane - Sax
Joe Monk - Trumpet

All songs witten by Pocket Billiards

Lyrics: Lady Luck, D-Lorus by Chris Savage and Fil Lock
Lyrics: Liberty, Get a Job by Chris Savage and Charlie Neely

All songs recorded @ Einstein Studios 2002

Thanks to: Fool, Mr Nipples, Decoy 47, The Dangerfields, Giros, The Front Page, Eilis, The Beard, Nathan, Katy, The Slimer, Becca, Carole, Ma's & Da's, Brotha's & Sista's, Da' Bitches, Daddio, Danny Shortbread, Elaine, Rachel from Derry, Pete Jez & Invasion Earth, and all the Rude Boys we forgot!

No thanks to: Savage's Vodka, Marty's E-String, anything 'core', and the Forestside security staff.



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Pocket Billiards Belfast, UK

Pocket Billiards are a 9-piece band from Belfast, Ireland that fuse ska, reggae and dub with punk rock and heavy riffs, creating an energetic and powerful sound. The band have been performing and touring for over 10 years and have played with some of the best ska and punk bands in the world - The Specials, Bad Manners, The Selecter and The Undertones to name but a few. ... more

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Track Name: Lady Luck
He started out young yea
But now he's crossed the line
Ain't no way you can trust him
Because he's done too much time

Chance always gave him a beginning
But now he's gone too far and it's messed him up

What's it all about?
Can you figure him out?
It's like being in a dead end

He was unannounced yea
But he sat himself down
Put his cards on the table
Lady Luck shining down

Chance always gave him a beginning
But now he's gone too far and it's messed him up
He always said luck would be, would be with him
He's gonna play the game before his luck will change

What's it all about?
Can you figure him out?
It's like being in a dead end
Track Name: Liberty
I see her walking late at night
I'm wondering where she's comin from
Red stilettos fake leather hand bag
Her partner hangs his head

Stolen wages
Her name is Liberty
Stolen wages
Her name is Liberty

Under Lights one night I stood
Waiting just to see
When the cops came drivin by
There was Liberty
Her hair was tatty
Her makeup smudged
Her eyes were black and blue
I looked at her
She looked at me
Poor old Liberty
Track Name: Get a Job
If you wanna, if you wanna get a job
Then you better, then you better sort it out
Because there's not so many jobs to offer
Track Name: D-Lorus
Pocket Billiards jamin out
Some rocksteady beats
Reggae sound from the second floor
Passing to the street
Got no time for hassle
Reggae's ringin out
Excess noise from the second floor
Say what? Say who? Say h-h-h-h-ho!


Reggae blues,
Blue suede shoes
Ska beat, jazz, the lot
Reggae boys behind bars
Dance to the jailhouse rock
Got no time for trouble
Reggae's doin time
But thanks to D-Lorus
We move into the chorus