Troubles Edge

by Pocket Billiards

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released March 1, 2019

All songs written and performed by Pocket Billiards. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rocky O'Reilly at Start Together Studios, Belfast.


all rights reserved



Pocket Billiards Belfast, UK

Pocket Billiards are a 9-piece band from Belfast, Ireland that fuse ska, reggae and dub with punk rock and heavy riffs, creating an energetic and powerful sound. The band have been performing and touring for over 10 years and have played with some of the best ska and punk bands in the world - The Specials, Bad Manners, The Selecter and The Undertones to name but a few. ... more

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Track Name: Don't Give Up, Don't Give In
Sometimes life is tough and shit can get you down
Worries and fear and stress is all around
But what about the people that can make you crack a smile
And all the little things that make it worthwhile

Look like this and act this way, fit in and conform
Social expectation a restrictive uniform.
Money, work, love and hate and pressure to succeed
Weight that drags you further from what you really need


I've got a whole lot of love for this world
and this world's got love for me
There's no place, no time in this heart of mine for fear or anxiety
You gotta a whole lotta love from me.

Whenever people say: just sit tight you'll be all right
They cannot understand every day it is a fight
Good times or the bad times there's no way we can predict
Find yourself a beacon and keep an eye on it


Track Name: My Next Last Time
Location's a mystery, paranoia is kicking in.
I look around the room and I feel impending doom
and I fear it'll never end.

Last night we were best friends, now I don't know your names.
I feel my beating heart as my nerves they fall apart
and my head pounds endlessly.

I shoulda seen it coming
Now I'm forever running
My fears I'm not confronting
But I laugh cos I think it's alright

Always say that the next time I'll leave it behind
But the next time's the last time every time
By half nine next Friday I know I'll be outta my mind
Here's to my next last time.

And I pray that the feeling's gonna go away.
A hazy memory and a lack of energy and my day's just wasted away.


A toast to my next last time!
Track Name: No War
They keep the peace with their guns and bombs
Oh Mr President you do no wrong
Raise your voices let them hear you say:
'We don't want war, we don't want no more'
War crimes covered up delegations sent
The troops will leave when the profit’s spent
Collateral damage but corporate needs are met
'We don't want war, we don't want no more'

Occupy lands, eradicate the threat
And bleed new nations deeper into debt
Raise your voices let them hear you say:
'We don't want war, we don't want no more'
Droppin from the air they don't make a sound
BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! as they hit the ground
Indiscriminate destruction clears the way
'We don't want war, we don't want no more'
Track Name: Stones And Bones
Off the beaten track and we’re heading for a drop
Scene from a horror and I think we’ve gotta stop

Driving off the road in a beat up truck
I think I’m cracking up and I’ve had enough
But I’m not staying, I’m packing up!
I’m leaving!
I’m packing up!
And I’m leaving


Stones and bones and the panic’s setting in
Send out a message, notify our next of kin


I’m packing up!
And I’m leaving!
I’m packing up!
Track Name: No Worry, No Hurry
We could take it easy
We could take it slow
We don’t need to hurry
Simmer down low
We could take it easy
Go with the flow
Time is on our side
Let’s take it in our stride.

With our heads up high we will go

We could take it easy
We don’t need to rush no
We don’t need to worry
The World it needs to know
We could take it easy
We could take it slow
No matter what they say
We’ll do it our own way.

With our heads up high we will go.
Track Name: Round After Round
We’ll have a good night when we go out
I’ve changed for the better it’ll be alright
She’s heard it in the past and this chance is his last.
But you just can’t relax when he’s around
A senseless bravado, no he won’t back down.
She’s seen it all before and she just can’t take no more.

He bites and he kicks, he’s throwing fists,
There’s blood on the floor but he’s spoiling for more.
He’ll never learn, he’s no concern,
For when he’s on the piss there’s not a fight he’ll ever miss.

Damage limitation is the order of the day
When he’s lashing in the booze there’s not a chance he’ll walk away
Round after round, someone’s gonna pay.
It’s gonna kick-off but who’s he gonna choose?
He doesn’t give a thought as to what he’s got to lose
A glass to the head and a jail cell for his bed.


Track Name: Tóg Go Bog É
I sit in the dark I’m thinking of home again
When I sit in the sun I say that I miss the rain
And the Celtic shops and Rangers tops
Flegs and symbols used as props
I wanna dander down the street
I miss the faces I might meet

(Chorus )
Back home in Belfast is where I wanna be
Bring back those rainy streets to me
Sit back and relax
Tóg go bog é
Cos Belfast is just the place for me

We’d sit in the park a 3lt to pass the time
I remember the cold nights
The punch-ups and tonic wine
And the Celtic shops and Rangers tops
Flegs and symbols used as props

Track Name: Viva El Santo
We know a hero with a master plan
A true legend yes a beast of a man
Who needs a batman or a superman?
We have a wrestler and he’s Mexican

All evil shall cower away
A tower of strength standing in the way
Los Zombies, El Count, El Estrangulador
All sent packing with a back-breaker!
A true saint that no one can match
A total unit that sleeps in his mask
Ever-ready this is no panto
Don’t mess with The Billiards cos we know Santo

El Santo, he saves us from peril

Fighting bad guys it’s not that complex
smash them all with a powerful suplex
Ever-ready this is no panto
Don’t mess with The Billiards cos we KNOW SANTO!

El Santo, he saves us from peril
El Santo, nos salva del peligro
Track Name: And After All (Stay True)
After all is said and done
I don’t believe I’m the only one
who will find the peace of mind to live a good life
not the broken kind.

In a song I seek repose,
a moment of clarity I suppose
and I find when my mind’s alight
I won’t shy away, I’ll do what’s right.

Stand for nothing, lose that something
The greatest thing that guiding light
Trust your instinct who cares what they think
Choose the right path, keep your head held high.

In the cold of the dark dark night
or in the warmth of the broad daylight.
It hurts the most when you’re on your own
Always remember don’t give up the fight!


I’ll be right by your side.
Walk your own line, all will be fine.

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